Time Is Overrated
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"I’m tired of us trying to convince folks black people are human beings. Your liberation will not be gifted in a eloquently written op-ed in the NY Times. It will not be the top headline in a press release. It will not be written in a beautiful packaged report. It will not come from a charming, articulate savior of a man. It will always be the people liberating themselves through mass movements, fighting for their liberation because it is not just peace we want, it is justice."

- Yasmin Mohamed Yonis (via ethiopienne)

(via owning-my-truth)

"In this country American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate."

- Toni Morrison (via oldblueeyes)

(via owning-my-truth)


that octave glissando…

fuck too raw



I’m so tired.

I’m tired of having to explain why my people deserve to live.

Why young black boys that remind me of my brothers and black women my own age shouldn’t be hunted down like game and then put on trial to gauge whether or not they labored enough by arbitrary standards…

"I can't believe this is happening in America"


I keep seeing white liberals on social media posting that they can’t believe what is happening in Ferguson, or that they can’t believe this is happening in America. Now I normally wouldn’t care enough about any of that to make any commentary, but they are sending me messages, outraged…